Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT)

IT & Business

Established in 1999 APIIT Sri Lanka is a reputable higher education institution established in partnership with Staffordshire University in the UK and Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation in Malaysia.
We conduct Staffordshire University, UK degree programmes (both undergraduate and masters) in Business Management, Computing/IT and Law. With over 1,000 students in enrolment and an annual intake of over 450 students, we are the largest provider of foreign degree programmes (transnational education – TNE) in Sri Lanka.
Over the past 20 years we have trained nearly 4000 graduates in Business Management, Computing/IT and Law, who are leading teams across the country in the private and international sector. Not only in Sri Lanka but internationally. Our contribution to higher education goes beyond the production of highly resourceful and enterprising graduates; notably, we have been able to shape the development of private higher education in Sri Lanka and set a benchmark for its quality and standards.

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APIIT City Campus No. 388, Union Place, Colombo 2,

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94 765 788788
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