Make Progress in Your Career

A Student’s Guide to select the Right Qualification - 5Rs

Building a career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing. What does this term remind you of? The Internet? Or Marketing? What exactly is Digital Marketing? Simply,Digital Marketing is marketing a product/ service on digital media platforms using the Internet and digital technologies such as Laptops and Mobile phones.

Near Future Trends in HR

First of all, what is HR, or Human Resources? Human resources (HR) is the department inside a firm responsible for identifying, screening, hiring, and training job candidates, along with administering benefits. Then what is HRM, or Human Resource Management? HRM is the process of recruiting, hiring, deploying and managing an organization’s employees. We can divide the entire spectrum of Human Resource Management into two primary categories: 1- Strategic HRM 2- Operational HRM

Career Path for Marketers

‘Good Marketing makes the company look smart. Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart’ - – Joebhai Chernov-

Career Path in Finance

What are the different career options in finance? How do you become a financial or management accountant? What is the best path to take? Dasun Mendis, a Finance Professional and Lecturer for Finance Qualifications, explains all of these major concerns and shares some career advice in the Finance field!

Event Management Essentials

"If something goes wrong when you're doing an event, it's not the end. Every day is a learning curve, and every day is a new chapter!"


What is Economics? What does the term "Economics" mean to you? Why should you learn it?

Are you Corporate Ready? How to bridge the gap between University to Corporate

Are you a university undergraduate? Are you someone pursuing a degree, diploma, or any other course? Or are you right after your higher studies wanting to get a job? Now, if you are in such stages, have you ever thought about how prepared you are for a corporate job? How will the job be, and What will be your responsibilities? Similarly, you probably have many questions in your head.

Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most ancient and universal forms of human communication which has existed since the beginning of time. In fact, humans have been using stories to communicate ideas and pass knowledge from one generation to another since the beginning of recorded history. Yet, it's something that we have really started to understand in the last few decades.

Power of Story Telling (Part 2)

“An average person makes about 35000 decision a day. Research shows, it is a 5 seconds window between a thought, an idea, or intuition and the brain’s move to go with or kill it – so 5 seconds is all it takes to make or break a lifetime with one decision” starts Pramukshi Kariyawasam as she starts to unfold the rest of the intriguing information.

Navigating the Education Crossroads: Undergraduate Degrees vs Professional Qualifications

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and career advancement, individuals often find themselves at a crossroads when deciding between pursuing an undergraduate degree or opting for a professional qualification. This comparison, exemplified through the lens of a Management degree versus professional qualifications like CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) or CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing), aims to shed light on the unique merits and considerations associated with each path.

Understanding University Accreditations - WES, Ofqual, AACSB, and More

When it comes to choosing the right university and course for your education, the significance of accreditations cannot be overstated. Accreditation ensures that an institution meets certain quality standards, offering students a reliable benchmark for assessing the credibility and excellence of their educational pursuits. In this article, we'll explore the importance of university accreditations and shed light on notable accrediting bodies such as WES, Ofqual, AACSB, and others.