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As Sri Lanka’s largest and most advanced (online) Course Finder and Educational Content Provider, the mission of PICK A COURSE is to support individuals in making the most informed learning decisions possible, thereby optimizing their journey as professionals who have a clear focus on future prospects.

We list over 5,000 courses from over 350 universities and institutes, giving potential learners a never-before experienced degree of choice in streams of study and accessibility to academic resources.

The course offerings of your institute as well as others are listed by us with no financial obligations, based on information available online. Our goal give them due visibility, and audiences the convenience to access them. 


The audience you are looking for is here!

EVERYONE; 16+ to 40 years of age, from post-O-Levels to Masters, will be coming to PICK A COURSE because we offer the most extensive choice of courses and qualifications that cater to different age limits, qualification tiers, streams and pricing.

We estimate over 20,000 monthly visitors to the site, each one a prospective student with an educational goal in mind that you could be uniquely positioned to fulfil.


How does PICK A COURSE attract and retain traffic?

  • The convenience of comparability – PICK A COURSE is the ONLY platform in Sri Lanka to offer the unique feature where students can compare all available course alternatives for a particular study qualification based on curriculum, cost and duration.
  • Mapping out the future – Our unique ‘Pathway Centre’ with its Job Portal, helps learners visualize both the learning and career potential they can unlock when they select a particular course.
  • A one-stop FREE resource base – At PICK A COURSE we are extremely emphatic about our contribution towards developing a new class of professionals in the country. To this end, we offer a range of free courses that cover everything from bare essentials such as Spoken English and MS Office proficiency to more next generation topics. There is high potential to direct students from these basic courses to the more advanced qualifications offered by institutes.


The ultimate space for education advertising

When your goal is to attract people with the hope of enrolling them in your university / institute’s learning programs, what could be better than a platform dedicated to higher education?

Naturally, such a platform should be able to assure unprecedented visibility and reach to audiences that truly matter to you.

  • High-volume of sustainable traffic – As highlighted earlier, the numbers are going to be astronomical, and each year, you would have a fresh audience of potential students to target with your course offerings.
  • Be found organically, effortlessly Students use our unique ‘Course Finder’ feature to search for courses and compare them. If you meet their criteria, you will be automatically shown to people who are in every sense, highly qualified leads for conversion.
  • Omnichannel marketing – The PICK A COURSE website is our primary channel, but, it’s not the only one. We are at the same time building a strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to deliver an integrated brand experience.

Our goal is to tap all crucial audience touchpoints across multiple channels using different types of content and engagement strategies. When you advertise with us, you have access to all of these wide and varied promotional options that can be used to build brand recognition and achieve top-of-the-mind recall. 


PICK A COURSE was founded with the purpose of simplifying the complex world of education for anyone who wants to get the best out of an investment in learning. It is our intent to create a platform that will deliver ever-expanding value to audiences and holds true on the promise of helping make the best ‘informed’ decisions on their future.

Be a part of this inspiring journey to revolutionize learning in Sri Lanka. Let your own value be known in the most compelling way possible.


For more information on how to partner with us and our services or advertise on our platforms, please see below proposal and rate card.