BA (Hons) Visual Communication Design

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An internationally recognized degree programme from UK’s Northumbria University. This degree syllabus is behind some of the most innovative designers around the world. 

This programme introduces students to the role of a professional designer as a visual thinker and a versatile problem solver. It encourages the development of concepts, research, experimentation, analysis and critical awareness in aspiring designers. The programme provides a fully rounded experience in graphic design while allowing specialization in the areas of branding, publishing or image-making.

Duration : 3 years and 4 months

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Entry Requirement

You need to have completed the GCE O/L exam for entry to the Foundation Program and GCE A/L to enter the degree program directly.

Course Content

  • History and Influences of Graphic Design
  • Design Thinking, Discourse and Skills
  •  Interaction to Visual Learning and Communication
  •  Experimental Process for Graphic Design
  • Narrative and Identity
  • Graphic Design Practice and Personal Development
  • Brand Synthesis and Realization in Graphic Design Research
  • Research and Critical Approaches to Graphic Design
  • Brand Articulation in Graphic Design
  • Collaboration and Professional Engagement in Graphic Design
  • Experimental and Collaborative Branding in Graphic Design
  •  Research Project
  • Final Major Project in Graphic Design (Branding)
  • Collaborative Branding in Graphic Design

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