BA (Hons) Motion Graphics and Animation Design

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As the demand for animators in the domestic and international markets rises, Northumbria University’s degree at AOD is a great way to get right into this bustling business of animated pictures. 

The degree focuses on motion graphics and animation from a design perspective and their applications in film, television, computer games, advertising and new media. The degree addresses this need by developing designers and animators who can work across this broad spectrum of the design industry and take advantage of these many opportunities.

Duration : 3 years and 4 months

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Entry Requirement

You need to have completed the GCE O/L exam for entry to the Foundation Program and GCE A/L to enter the degree program directly.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Animation
  •  Visual Language 1
  • Introduction to Motion Graphics
  •  Introduction to 3D Animation
  • Visual Language 2
  • Sound and Design Editing
  • Character and Design Modeling
  • 3D Games Design
  • Animation Performance
  • Research and Professional Practice
  • Compositing for Animation 
  • Experimental Motion Graphics
  • : Professional Creative Production 1
  • Final Project Research and Development 
  • Screenwriting for Animation 
  • Professional Creative Production 2 
  • Final Project Realization and Presentation 

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